Why You Might Want An Electrical Engineer

electrical_400_200ObjectivityI have no vested interest in any one kind or brand of equipment or a favored solution. My only interest is you and providing the best solution for your project.

Knowledgeable –bring hands on knowledge and experience to your project. Better design solutions come from experienced practitioners just as comfortable at the job site as in the office. Your interests are better served by those who can think inside the box as well as outside and are able to work with you and your team to enhance the value of your finished project.

Cost –money spent planning and designing is a small percentage of the overall project cost and can be the most cost effective money spent because it adds value to the end user. Cost is what you pay; value is what you get.

Return on Investment –evaluation of options at the project outset not only identifies those approaches that will return the greater value but, more importantly, it can eliminate those options that may look good but have underlying weakness.

Competitive Procurement –without drawings and specifications prices for the work cannot be compared. These documents ensure competitive procurement. Bids can be ranked on an “apples to apples” basis because all bidders are required to supply the same items and perform the same work

Good engineering will add value to your project faster than cost.
Don’t short change yourself in this regard!

It’s Not About Us ….. It’s About Better Solutions For Your Projects!

We succeed when we save you money, find a more energy efficient way, keep you ahead of your competition or provide a better, safer environment for you and your employees. Our purpose is to facilitate the best use of appropriate solutions that provide ongoing benefits well beyond the cost of our services. Tell us what you need – we’ll be there with answers and follow through until the job is done.

Our service is geared to providing the best components and specifications for your application. No matter if it’s lighting, motor controls, power apparatus, fire alarm, wire and cable, generators, relays or other specialized systems; we either have it on the shelf or know where to find the right tool to get your job done.

Follow These Steps to Better Design Solutions

STEP 1 – The difference is ANY solution vs. the BEST solution for you. To get what you want work with objective professionals whose only interest is your vision and finding the best way to turn it into reality. Select your design team carefully and don’t be bashful about laying out what you need.

STEP 2 – Review concepts and preliminary designs until you’re satisfied your requirements are met. Once approved, working drawings and specifications will define the job to be done in terms of products and methods.

STEP 3 – Now, sit back and let the competitive market place work in your favor – after all, you’ve done your work! You have the assurance that all bidders must ultimately deliver the same end product – the one you selected because of its greater value to you. The act of awarding the contract rewards the more efficient contractor with the greater motivation for doing the job.

What Clients Say

Thanks, I appreciate your expertise and hard work on this project.”

“We are really pleased with the state of the art lighting and appreciate all the time and research that you put into it.

Thanks for the pictures, Jack.  They are awesome!  Calendar material.”

“Hope all is well and hope to be working with you again soon.

On a scale of 1 to 10, we got an 11.”

“Thanks for the update.  I will see you tomorrow morning.  I’m excited to run through the testing.

Thanks for your continued support and help.”

“Thanks for taking care of getting the lighting adjusted.

“We included you in the proposal as our electrical engineer . . .”