Jack Terry, Electrical Engineer

First registered as a Professional Engineer (PE) in 1972, Jack has had the pleasure and responsibility of serving as Project Electrical Engineer for a long list of engagements involving a variety of Commercial, Municipal and Industrial Projects. His projects and experience have encompassed the spectrum of modern, energy efficient use of electric power with jobs ranging from solar design to multi-million dollar commercial and industrial work.

Jack provides design services as a Principal of Electro Tech Engineering, Inc. and through affiliated organizations such as CK3, LLC.

Project design is more often a multi-discipline enterprise. Better solutions come about as a result of collaboration and coordination among the disciplines. You want an electrical design partner who understands design is a “team sport”.

Projects tend to be spread out geographically and as a result, over half of my projects are out of the immediate area. No matter; this has little effect on the work thanks to modern telecommunication tools used routinely to stay connected. I can just as easily be at your door step or on the job site as the need arises.

Money invested in a good electrical design is a very small percentage of the overall project cost. It can be the most cost effective expenditure of the entire project because it adds value. Clients who appreciate that design should be the first step in a project benefit from the experience, dedication and attention to detail of the design professionals.

Call Jack to discuss your project. You’ll find friendly openness, willingness to discuss your concerns while sharing his knowledge and experience. Better service is your benefit from his hands on personal involvement in every project.

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